Where do I log in to post an award?

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Go to: hands.ehawaii.gov Click on the tile “Post An Award Notice”

When you login to HANDS there are short instructional videos.

View the list of Department or CPO Jurisdiction Administrators, Managers or Contacts for SPO Programs.

When using secure eHawaii.gov applications, users are required to update their password every three (3) months due to security reasons.  The system will automatically prompt you to change your password when your password expires. NOTE: A password should consist of 8 characters, one letter, one number, and one symbol.

Follow the procedure below: Create an eHawaii.gov account, if you do not already have one. Watch the video to learn how. Contact your department HANDS administrator and give them the email associated with your eHawaii.gov account and your position title. Your department HANDS administrator will give you access to HANDS. Now you will be able ...
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Who can I call to ask questions?

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

HANDS General Questions and Policy questions: State Procurement Office: Phone: 586-0554 or email [email protected] Questions about a Specific Solicitation: Contact the buyer or contact person as stated in the solicitation. Questions about Registering, How to Use HANDS, Forgotten Password: NIC Hawaii: Phone: (808) 695-4620 or Email: [email protected] On the HANDS (https://hands.ehawaii.gov/hands/help) landing page, select ‘Help Chat ...
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Can I change my password for HANDS?

Posted on Dec 9, 2013

You can change your password at any time. Use the procedure below: Go to: login.ehawaii.gov Login to your eHawaii.gov account Go to My Account -> Change Password Enter your current password Enter your new password Re-enter your new password Click ‘Save’

HANDS users have the ability to post solicitation notices and awards notices for all procurement methods.

If the award is rescinded before execution of a contract or any action on the award (no notice to proceed, delivery of services or payment made), the award must be cancelled in HANDS. Use the following procedure to cancel an award: Go to: hands.ehawaii.gov Login Search for the award you want to cancel Select the ...
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You will be able to edit any award within your department. Use the following procedure: Go to: hands.ehawaii.gov Login Search for the award you want to edit Select the award to view the details page Select ‘edit’ Make the all the necessary changes Click ‘Post’