The draft copies are there for your own record keeping. They are the clearance forms that have been electronically generated and sent to each department for processing. Do NOT submit draft copies.

Log in to your HCE account. You will see in red, “please renew” next to the company name. Select the “renew” option. Review Data. Use the ‘Edit’ link of the section to make changes. Certify and electronically sign application. Select “renew” to complete the process. When you complete a renewal, it automatically generates the required ...
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You will receive an email renewal notice 30 days prior to any application expiring. The applications are as follows: Hawaii Department of Taxation, Internal Revenue Service, Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, and Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Each renewal email will state which application the renewal is for. Upon receipt of ...
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Create an Account with the new email address. Send an email to [email protected] documenting your authority to have the primary email address be changed. Put HCE USER SWITCH in the subject line. Include the following information on a company letterhead (if available):             a.  If the business application is under an FEIN, please provide ...
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Why am I not compliant?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

To find out why you are not compliant do the following: Go to: Login Select the status of the application you are not compliant with Click ‘More Info’ for each agency you are not compliant with You will see a popup with notes about your compliance If you have further questions about your compliance ...
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It can take a newly registered vendor about 10 business days to receive their compliant status.  Time may vary depending on each department.

Are expedited services available?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Expedited services are not available at this time.

How long are certificates good for?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

State and County agencies are required to conduct business with only compliant vendors. The HCE provides your current compliant status. It is best to complete all renewals in a timely manner and maintain compliance with each respective department.

International vendors are allowed to use the HCE system provided they have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The FEIN is issued by the United States Federal Government and is used to identify companies within the HCE system.

What is Form 8821?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

IRS Form 8821 allows the IRS to post your compliant status on the HCE system. Form 8821 is pre-populated when printed from the HCE website and no changes shall be made to the form or the appointee information. Form 8821 includes verbiage on the form that it is “for the purposes of receiving a tax clearance ...
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