What is an RFI?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

An RFI (Request for Information) is a tool used to gather, share and clarify information when state agencies conduct planning activities for health and human services.

Yes. Notice of the RFI shall be placed on the procurement notices page. It is not required to place a notice in the newspaper. Reference section 3-142-202 (a), HAR.

Purchasing agencies have the option of placing a notice of the RFI in the newspaper in addition to posting the notice on the PNS website. When doing so, the price list for placing public and procurement notices in the newspaper shall be followed. Please refer to the pricelist for public and procurement notices.

What can be addressed in an RFI?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

An RFI can address any subject relevant to a state agency planning activities such as, the goals and objectives, target population or clients to be served, services that are necessary to reach the goal, service specifications, feasibility issues, or cost factors. Reference section 3-142-202 (b)

Does an RFI require a meeting?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

No. An RFI can be conducted via fax, e-mail or mail or any other method you choose. It can even be done via your website. Notice of the RFI must be posted on the Procurement Notices (PNS) website. See also:  Is a public notice for an RFI required?

Because an RFI shall be posted on the Procurement Notices (PNS) website, you will hopefully have a reasonable exposure to interested parties. In addition, an RFI may be sent to any knowledgeable person or entity that the purchasing agency deems advisable. Keep in mind the principle of open government. A purchasing agency would not want ...
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No. Collaboration with private providers is encouraged in state planning activities to facilitate efficiency, responsiveness and organization in meeting the health and human service needs of Hawaii’s people. Uncompensated provider participation is encouraged. Keep in mind that collaboration does not constitute an exemption from anti-competitive practices. Reference section 3-142-203, HAR See also:  Does an RFI ...
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As a state agency with a history of serving a particular population or addressing a particular problem you probably have access to most of the interested parties. Some sources for reaching interested parties are: advisory groups, task forces that address the client population or the issue being addressed, professional organizations or professional publications. Private providers ...
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What must an RFI include?

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

There are 6 elements that must be included in an RFI: Name of the agency issuing the request. A description of the information being sought. The more specific the questions, the more likely respondents will address the areas about which you have concerns. The procedure for responding. (Place and location of a meeting, address to ...
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An RFI shall be conducted each time an RFP is prepared. Depending on the complexity of the service or the issue being addressed, it may be advisable to conduct more than one RFI for an RFP. For instance, one RFI might be conducted early in the process to obtain feedback on a configuration of services ...
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