The governing authorities relating to travel include: Collective Bargaining Agreements for the respective Bargaining Units Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 3-10, Travel Rules Ethics Commission Memorandum (dated 3/3/92) Procurement Circulars No. 2007-03, and Amendments PC 2021-13, SPO Price List Contract No. 18-07, Commercial Car Rental Services SPO Vendor List Contract No. 18-13, Inter-island Airline Price Agreement ...
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What is per diem?

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

Per diem is a specific allowance for each day to cover the personal expenditures of a traveler, such as meals, lodging, tips, laundry and other expenditures.

What is the rate of per diem?

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

The current rate of per diem for overnight travel is $90.00 per 24 hours for intra-state travel, and $145.00 per 24 hours for out-of-state travel. In computing the per diem, the calendar day (midnight to midnight) shall be the unit. See table below for fractional parts of the day.

Intra-State Travel: In computing the amount of per diem, the official time shall begin 90 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time and shall end 30 minutes after the return to the employee’s home airport. Out-of-State Travel: In computing the amount of per diem, the official time shall begin no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior ...
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When lodging is provided, employee is entitled to subsistence (meal) allowance only as follows: Breakfast – Breakfast shall be allowed if travel time begins before 8:00 am. Breakfast allowance is calculated at 8% of per diem. Lunch – Lunch shall be allowed for departing travelers when travel begins before 12:00 noon; lunch shall be allowed ...
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Employees may receive advance per diem for official travel provided departmental procedures are followed. DAGS, Pre-Audit requires requests for advance per diem to be submitted at least 14 days prior to travel, accompanied by a completed and approved Travel Approval Form, including all applicable worksheets.

Most employees are entitled to meal allowance of $20.00 for same day travel.

When an authorized leave is added before or after official travel, the per diem amount shall be the same as if the authorized leave had not been taken.

The pCard shall only be used for authorized intra and out-of-state airline tickets, intra-state car rentals, registration fees, and other expenditures necessary to conduct official business. The pCard shall not be used for hotel accommodations, personal deviations, or out-of-state car rentals.

Employees are entitled to per diem, which includes a hotel allowance; therefore, to avoid duplication of payment, the pCard may not be used.