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Telecast of SPOCon 2019

‘Olelo Community Media has provided cable cast dates of SPOCon 2019.

Hawaii Procurement Conference: SPOCon 2019 – Aloha & Welcome and General Session

3/15/2020            7:00 PM               Olelo 49
3/18/2020            8:00 AM               Olelo 49
3/23/2020            2:30 PM               Olelo 49
3/29/2020            10:30 PM             Olelo 49

Hawaii Procurement Confernce: SPOCon 2019 – Goods & Services and Hawaii Procurement Professional Excellence Award

3/15/2020            8:30 PM               Olelo 49
3/19/2020            8:30 AM               Olelo 49
3/24/2020            2:30 PM               Olelo 49
3/30/2020            10:30 PM             Olelo 49

SPOCon 2019

Mahalo to all who participated in this year’s SPOCon.  Approximately 140 government purchasing and contracting professionals, 34 businesses that have state-wide contracts, and various special speakers came together to make this event a success.  We are grateful to keynote speaker Tammy Rimes and Comptroller Curt Otaguro for sharing words of inspiration and encouragement.

Mahalo also to ‘Olelo Community Media and staff from Office of Enterprise Technology Services for videorecording the event.  Portions of SPOCon will be televised on ‘Olelo; stay tuned for a broadcast schedule.


Agenda and Presentation Notes:

Track 1 Goods & Services

Track 2: Construction

2018 Construction Procurement Conference

More than 200 people attended the 2018 Construction Procurement Conference, a one-day training procurement conference for state/county employees who procure or manage construction contracts.  Here are some resources from the event …

Complete Construction Procurement Conference program with the biographies of the speakers, moderators and panelists

Powerpoint presentations:

2018 SPOCon (SPO Conference)

More than 150 people from various state and county agencies from across the State of Hawaii attended SPOCon 2018.

Some training resources …

Complete SPOCon program with the biographies of the speakers, moderators and panelists





Vendor Exhibition

Conference attendees had an opportunity to meet with vendors who have statewide and cooperative contracts with the state and counties.

The SPO continues to remind all employees who award contracts for a state/county agency or have other duties relating to the procurement of goods and services must comply with the State Ethics Code, Chapter 84, Hawaii Revised Statues. Such employees are prohibited from accepting any gifts from vendors or contractors who do business or are seeking to do business with the state.    However, if a small quantity of a product sample is being used to evaluate a product, then the Ethics Code won’t prohibit the procurement specialist from receiving the product sample.  Please read the Ethics Commission Quick Guide on Gifts for additional guidance.


SPOCon 2017 Program and Training Materials

Here is the SPOCon 2017 Program for your reference and SPOCon 2017 Wrap-Up for some photos.

Video and handouts from SPOCon 2017 are available

SPOCon 2016 Program and Training Materials

Mahalo to the more than 110 state and county procurement/purchasing personnel, vendors who have statewide contracts, various speakers,  ‘Olelo Community Media, and Governor David Y. Ige for making SPOCon 2016 a success.  SPOCon, a one-day training event held on October 21, 2016, at the Hilton Waikiki Beach included

Please click on each topic above for a link to the handout.

You can also click on SPOCon 2016 Program for the complete program and 2016 SPOCon Recap for an overview of the event.